Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Sky Lantern 

Sky Lantern

Sky Lantern 

Step 1: Unwrap the lanterns;
Lift it up a bit to let more air in to the space. Unfold the attached squared fuel, stick it with the cross frame. Make sure it is well balanced to better control the launching.

Sky Lantern

Step 2:
Hold up the top of the lanterns to ensure it is well unwrapped, light each corner of the fuel.

Sky Lantern

Step 3:
Turn to hold the bottom of the lanterns when it is fully filled with hot air. It starts to be lighter and a bit up-lifting, while, in the mean time, you softly let it off of your hand. Now it is the time to make a wish.
Launching lantern should be in wide ,no wind place. Not allow to launch in fire district , next to high building and other place with shutter. it is not allowed to grad it long time and hang other things .
Affirming :
Sky Lantern is lighted by fire ,the player must born responsibility as environment and improper use which cause Safety Accidents.
Production enterprises, dealer and transport operators have no responsibility .If you use it which means you understand and accept the affirming.

Hand throw streamer

Hand Throw Streamer

You simply put the loop over your finger with the packet in the palm of your hand. Then tear off the cover with the attached tab, and give the packet a toss like a Frisbee or baseball. A huge burst of Streamers will burst from your hand! Guess what...NO Mess.

The Streamers stay attached to the loop that's around your finger! You can pull them back in and throw them away or tear them off and leave them's up to you!

Confetti wand (45cm)

Confetti Wand

Easy to use confetti wand that project confetti into the air with the easy whip of your arm and flick of the wrist! These great party hand-outs create quite an effect for a small price.

Frisbee confetti

 Frisbee Confetti

Non-flameproof paper
Diameter 7cm, 100bags/carton
Diameter 6.8cm, 100bags/carton
Diameter 4.2cm, 200bags/carton

Tissue flameproof paper
Diameter 7cm, 100bags/carton
Diameter 6.8cm, 100bags/carton
Diameter 5cm, 200bags/carton
Diameter 4.2cm, 200bags/carton
Minimum order:20 cartons

Tear off and then throw by hand. Confetti separate from the roll and then
flying long time into sky.Create grand and wonder effect.

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